Day #160 Deep Reflections

I’ll be honest, I had more fun photographing the infinity pool at the Marker Hotel Spa than I had sitting in the Jacuzzi. And I love sitting in a Jacuzzi. I must admit, the dark minimalist decor is not terribly to my taste. It leaves me feeling that the space is a bit stark and cold where I would prefer soft and warm for relaxation. But don’t get me wrong, I had a super relaxing day today and while the interior may not be to my inner taste, it certainly gave me a lot to play with from a visual point of view, even if all the photographs were rushed.

I am utterly fascinated by reflections. They can be tricky to photograph and alignment is also very important. Nor is my phone camera sufficiently good to really do a space like this justice, but I was still delighted with how some of these came out. If you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around the featured image above, here are some photos to give you a better idea of the edges of the space so you can understand the cavernous reflection.


For the featured image, my phone was literally a thumb-width above the water at the edge of the infinity pool. Here I took a step back so that the pool edge is visible. And below is a close up of the chairs at the other end of the pool, where you can really see the edges of the “infinity”.


The light was tricky, and it was brighter when I first stepped into the space. Here is what the pool looks like from the opposite end (standing in front of the red cushions). It’s a lot less exciting as far as photos go, but it does show all of the pool facilities in a proper light. the Jacuzzi is at the other end, built in the same infinity style.


I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the Jacuzzi before I fired it up, because there was something completely eerie and ghostly about the dark, vanishing steps in contrast with the underwater illumination. One again though, the tricky light and relatively low pixel count gives it a very grainy look.


I had a big more fun after firing up the Jacuzzi and I absolutely couldn’t resist trying to capture the turbulence of the water, which I’ve been dying to try for ages at the pool I go to regularly, but the Jacuzzi there is frequently in use and photography is something most people are really unhappy about in spaces of relaxation, even if the camera isn’t pointed at them. In this case I was very lucky and there was literally no one else in the pool area at the time I was there, which is the only reason why I dared to try taking pictures.


  1. Love the way you talked through how you got the shots. Reflections are ridiculously hard. Kudos to you for pulling it off well!

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